SMIAM Salotti was founded in March 1966 and instantly became a force to be reckoned with in the high-end upholstered furniture sector.

Over the years, it has delivered a steady stream of unique, innovative designs characterized by the brand’s consistently distinctive stylishness, and putting its own contemporary spin on classic designs. Each piece is still fully handcrafted, and the materials employed in every stage of the manufacturing process are Italian-made, thus retaining the added value provided by the skill of Cantu’s master furniture-makers. The passion and skill that only an expert artisan can muster, shine through in the care and attention that go into each and every detail.

SMIAM lounge suites are inspired by tradition yet driven by a craving to innovate, as best seen in the commitment to make use of only the most
precious materials, ranging from top-grade solid wood to next-generation upholstery foam, superb fabrics and the finest leather, and to adopt state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. Existing models can be tailored to the client’s specifications and measurements and new styles can be designed on an exclusive basis, a flexibility that speaks to the proven expertise and extraordinary potential of the SMIAM team.

The results are evident in the unrivalled quality and peerless beauty of every SMIAM lounge suite, and in the pure essence of luxury furniture.